Welcome to my place on the web !

I have been playing guitar for more than 20 years.
They sure tried to stop me when i had an accident in 1999
The hospital messed up my litte finger on my frethand.
I couldnt bend or move it anymore.
After the second operation a year later they failed again.
I had to learn how to play with 3 fingers with my pinky behind the neck.
The little finger was all bend to the inside of my hand !
It was a very hard time for me and I almost quit playing but ,
Now after 5 other operations they managed to leave the finger on !!
If the Australian doctor Flood wasn't there at the right time they had taken it off
but he managed to save it set it in a permanent position for playing.
I had to take a guitar to the hospital to have my finger set in the correctposition,
I took my Tony Iommi signature SG to the hospital in Rotterdam
and the doc measured exactly how to put my little finger in playing position on the neck.
I did sue the hospital but in Holland and thats not an easy task to do.
It took a long time almost 4 years and we agreed with a settlement..

I played in several bands over the years, recorded over 13 cd's,
played many gigs and also started a 24 track recording studio.

Musical influences are :
Tony Iommi

Frank Zappa

Yngwie Malmsteen
Dave Mustaine
Rory Gallagher
Jimmy Page
Allan Holdsworth
Joe Satriani
 and various 80’s Heavy Metal bands

I will also be featured in John Engel’s book about lefthanded players

Being lefthanded it was always a pain in the butt to find a good guitar in Europe
So i started my search for leftie's all over the world and met some great
people , I especially love 80's USA Bc Rich guitars as you can tell .
I buy, sell and trade lefties now for a long time.
Not all of the guitars on this page are still in my possession.
And i dont have pictures of all the guitars I had over the years .
There will be a list here soon with every lefthanded guitar i had over the years .

Keep looking , i will update as much as i can !

Thanks ,
Paul van Rijswijk




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